Man asks housemate to pick up Peperami but the request goes horribly wrong

A man was left in stitches after asking his flatmate to pick him up a Peperami from the shop – but he received pepperoni slices instead.

Taking to Reddit, the man said he’d asked for a ‘five pack of Peperami Hot’ from Asda, and his housemate was obviously a little unclear about what that was.

As the Daily Star reports, the housemate came back with five packs of Asda Pepperoni slices, and it’s easy to see how he get the two confused.

After the post was shared on Reddit it soon went viral, and other users were quick to comment their opinion on the gaffe.

One person joked: “Wow. Pepperoni toasties and pizza for the next 3 weeks I guess.”

While another wrote: “When he was buying these, I bet he thought ‘Why the hell does he need this much pepperoni’.

A third simply added: “This is hilarious.”

Elsewhere on Reddit, a woman revealed how she is teaming up with her ex to sue her current husband – after he stole money that had been set aside for her late son’s medical bills.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that her son had sadly passed away after a long battle with cancer, and despite the soaring medical bills she still had some money set aside that hadn’t been spent.

When her grief started to subside she checked the funds and was shocked to learn that they were gone, and when she looked closer she realised her husband had taken them – to go on a golfing holiday.

The woman had saved the money with her ex-husband, the young boy’s father, and so together they decided to sue her current partner to get the money back.