‘Superdog’ corgi kitted our with cape and goggles can’t get enough of motorbike rides

A corgi known as ‘Superdog’ has been spreading joy to people who spot him riding on the back of his owner’s motorbike while kitted out in a cape and goggles.

The one-year-old dog, named Enzo, has become a bit of a celebrity and has captured the hearts of those who see him in his Superdog outfit.

Owner Brandon Renteria, from Houston, Texas, USA, likes to take Enzo on weekend adventures as he sits on Brandon’s back while wearing a cape that blows in the wind.

The duo have become a huge talking point in the community and now they can barely leave home without someone spotting them and giving them a wave.

Enzo has been Brandon’s sidekick on the motorcycle since he was only a four-month-old puppy and they go for rides on the 2015 Kawasaki Zx14r red motorbike every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during daylight hours.

When Enzo became part of the family last year, Brandon, 31, began training him instantly with basic obedience training.

He told TeamDogs : “When he was about 16 weeks old, I got him the goggles.

His mini Superdog cape is red and black, and initialled with an E for Enzo
“I slowly got him used to wearing those until he became comfortable with them. Then I decided to get him the dog backpack.

“Once he was comfortable with both the goggles and the backpack, I began the outdoor adventures.”

The pair started with short walks in the backpack, then moved onto skateboarding, cycling, and then onto the motorcycle all within a matter of four weeks.

Brandon, who is an industrial radiographer and drone pilot, has over 10 years of motorcycle riding experience.

He has been using his joyful appearances to raise money for a good cause.

He said: “We began doing small community events in the local area where if anyone would spot us riding around town and snap a picture or video and post it, I would donate $5 (£3) per picture and $15 (£11) per video to charity Toys for Tots. The local community loves him.”

The first time, over $2,000 (£1,500) was raised. The second time raised over $7,000 (£5,000) with the help of other donors.

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Enzo has also made a visit to the local police station to be a K9 for the day. Brandon says he gets so much attention and is loved by everyone who knows him.

Once Enzo is off the bike, he gets lots of hugs back at home. Brandon said: “That pretty much sums up our adventures and our bond is super strong.”