Dramatic dog throws hilarious tantrum over lack of food in viral video

Going on a diet can be hard work – and this dog has had enough in a video that shows her hilariously arguing with her owner about her automatic food dispenser.

Five-year-old Olive barks, whines and howls at her owner as she patiently explains that she’ll have to wait just a bit longer for the dispenser to put some food out.

The amusing clip of the Dogo Argentino was posted on TikTok by @haileyhartt with the caption: “She thinks it’s a fancy puzzle toy.”

And that certainly seems to be the case in the funny clip, where Olive can be seen standing in front of the feeder and looking very disgruntled.

“That isn’t how it works,” her owner explains, to which Olive replies with several barks of protest.

“It doesn’t just give you food whenever you put your paw on it. I’m sorry!”

It’s not a good enough answer for Olive, who bursts into another round of impatient barks as if trying to convince her owner to dish up her next meal right away.

Her owner goes on to tell her pup that the automatic feeder is programmed to dispense food three times a day – Olive gives her best puppy eyes and answers with a pitiful whine, all to no avail.

When her owner says that the feeder will next give her some food at noon, devastated Olive almost seems to wail “Nooo!”

Olive’s tantrum has had more than four million views on TikTok, with commenters guessing at what the melodramatic pup was trying to say.

“What about second breakfast?!” one person said.

“I will surely starve by noon mother!” another commented.

Olive isn’t the only pup to feel short-changed by her diet.

This golden retriever was left fuming after being served up a measly portion of kibble.

Mango melted hearts on TikTok after giving her owner a truly desperate look once she realises that the small portion dished out into her bowl is all she’s getting.