There are many people that can confirm that images can improve the appearance of any project. Almost every writer is taking some time to choose and collect images that relate to their idea and add these images to their work.

Grabbing the attention of a prospective online shopper is one of the most important things that online store owners can do. It’s in the nature of men and women to react to images. Of course, beautiful images have a positive effect. In other words, with the right image, you can grab their attention and pass your business message in a more effective way. By posting meaningful images, you can expect to eliminate high bounce rate on your website which is good for your website’s search engine ranking. While we are talking about search engine ranking, we should also highlight the fact that these images must have suitable names that can be recognized by search engines. Use relevant keywords to get better exposure.

Now that you know how important images can be, let’s see where you can find free images for websites.

First of all, modern technology has advanced rapidly in the last few years and there are some affordable, high-quality digital cameras out here. With the help of these cameras, even beginner photographers can take clear and detailed images. So, one of the most convenient ways to get free images for your website is to use your own camera. While it’s true that not all people can afford to buy a quality camera, it’s also true that you can take decent photos even if you use your cell phone. The only thing that you should be aware of is that logos and trademarks on your personal photos can lead to legal issues.

Of course, this is not the only way to get free images for websites. You can also use Wikimedia Commons. Use this platform to look for free images with CC (Creative Commons) license. You can search images by different categories – type, location, topic, source, license, and author.

While we are talking about online platforms, we should also mention Flickr. This website has thousands of images shared by ordinary users. Their number is growing every day. Just use the option to look for free images for commercial use and you are good to go. Of course, you can also pay for premium photos if you want to.


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